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For the first time on the Web, Honicker vs. Hendrie: A Lawsuit to End Atomic Power (1978) is presented full text.* It’s not a great copy;  the book’s tightly bound condition and fading typeface make it less than a perfect scan. Nevertheless, Honicker vs. Hendrie, even in this diminished state, remains historically relevant and a […]

TMI & Chernobyl


In the academic literature, it’s widely held that the disasters at Three Mile Island (TMI) and Chernobyl are failures in risk communication. It’s useful to revisit these cases as the international media (ABC News & BBC as examples) likens Fukushima-Daiichi reactor problems to TMI (a partial core meltdown) and Chernobyl (continuing public health and environmental […]

Much cited, and here for the first time on the Web, is Dr. Ernest Sternglass’ Infant Mortality Changes Following the Three Mile Island Accident presented at the 5th World Congress of Engineers and Architects (Tel-Aviv, January 25, 1980). The Three Mile Island (TMI) accident occurred in the early hours of March 29, 1979. In reviewing […]

An exceedingly rare – in fact, lost document – presented here in full is Dr. Gordon K. McLeod’s observations as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health during Three Mile Island (TMI) power plant accident. The TMI accident occurred twelve days after Dr. MacLeod was sworn in as Secretary in March 1979. MacLeod’s comments […]