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Having an interest in psychoanalyst-physician-scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work, especially The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933, 1946)* as well as atomic history, I’m puzzled as to proposals made by researchers that suggest Dr. Reich was a creative force behind the phrase atoms for peace. For example, Peter Robbins writes: And while it may have been a […]

RadNet Database


From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s description of the RadNet database, which has its roots in the Eisenhower Executive Order 10831 (August 14, 1959), which established the Federal Radiation Council: The RadNet searchable database contains 23 years of environmental radiation monitoring data from all fifty states and U.S. territories and 40 years of measurements of […]

TMI & Chernobyl


In the academic literature, it’s widely held that the disasters at Three Mile Island (TMI) and Chernobyl are failures in risk communication. It’s useful to revisit these cases as the international media (ABC News & BBC as examples) likens Fukushima-Daiichi reactor problems to TMI (a partial core meltdown) and Chernobyl (continuing public health and environmental […]

Just  in, sad news from the New York Times. The Tooth Fairy Project lives on with Joe Mangano continuing Dr. Jay Gould’s work on atmospheric fallout and strontium-90 uptake in baby teeth.

Scanned here are The Atom, the Servant of Man (1954; SuDoc IA1.2:At 7) and Sharing the Atom (1955; SuDoc IA 1.2: At 1/3), both published by the United States Information Agency (USIA), a partner in promoting the Eisenhower administration’s Atoms for Peace agenda. The documents not only characterize the atom as a measure of human progress, […]

Stumbled on this find today: photographs from Life available through google. Here’s a few searches: + 1940s atomic source:life | Goat being sheared before atomic bomb test. As an aside, if anyone has any stats on the number of animals used by the AEC in testing, please email me ok? It’s for an upcoming research […]

Back issues of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are  available at google books from December 24, 1945 through through November 1998. The Bulletin, founded by Manhattan Project scientists Eugene Rabinowitch and Hyman Goldsmith, is critical to understanding scientific information sharing deeply influenced by by a culture of compartmentalization and secrecy. BAS provides a valuable […]