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From the World Uranium Symposium held in Quebec, April 14-16, 2015. Several themes underscore the meeting: The Symposium is occurring at a time when many organizations and governments question the future of nuclear power, currently providing about 11% of the world’s electricity. The year 2015 also marks the seventieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima […]

RadNet Database


From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s description of the RadNet database, which has its roots in the Eisenhower Executive Order 10831 (August 14, 1959), which established the Federal Radiation Council: The RadNet searchable database contains 23 years of environmental radiation monitoring data from all fifty states and U.S. territories and 40 years of measurements of […]

Just  in, sad news from the New York Times. The Tooth Fairy Project lives on with Joe Mangano continuing Dr. Jay Gould’s work on atmospheric fallout and strontium-90 uptake in baby teeth.

A declassified document formerly classified as Top Secret, security information, Restricted Data under the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, is a redacted draft (psychological operations) policy document titled  “Terms of Reference for Ad Hoc Panel L (Psychological Implications of Projected Thermonuclear Bomb Tests),” dated July 23, 1952.  The document explores three options in dealing with […]

A revealing Top Secret Restricted Data* formerly classified memo from General Curtis Lemay and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Evaluation Board to General Carl Spaatz on Operation Crossroads, the first nuclear test in the Marshall Islands. Of note are the memo’s conclusions that clearly lay out the devastating effects of nuclear weapons: (1) “Atomic bombs […]

Hulu is hosting the 80’s cult film War Games. War Games is the story of a teenage nerd who unknowingly hacks into a NORAD war-simulating computer, and by playing the game Global Thermonuculear War with the machine WOPR/Joshua, brings the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war against the Former Soviet Union. Watching the film […]

A stunning FBI document, replete with coverletter by Director J. Edgar Hoover to Gen. Robert Cutler (Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, 1953-55 and 1957-58), Communist Exploitation of Radiation “Fall-Out”  Controversy (June 12, 1957) lists nineteen scientists who held membership in the World Federation of Scientific Workers, and suspected of being a  […]