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From Energy News, numerous documents on the 2014 “radiological event” that possibly released “370 Billion Bq of Plutonium equivalent may have escaped from WIPP drum during ‘thermal runaway’ & multiple fires.”  The “events”* occurred February 5 (86 workers were in the mine at the time of the fire) and February 14 (release of radioactive material […]

As I digest media accounts of the nuclear reactor situation in Japan, it seems to me the U.S. media has a teachable moment at hand. Teachable, as I intend here, means the U.S. media thoughtfully lead the debate on nuclear power and harm in the same way as perhaps Life magazine (May 16, 1949 “The […]

Ran across this “Exxon film” over at Internet Archive today.  One of the claims made in the film is that nuclear power is a “proven alternative” to the use of coal and oil for energy production.