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For the first time on the Web, Honicker vs. Hendrie: A Lawsuit to End Atomic Power (1978) is presented full text.* It’s not a great copy;  the book’s tightly bound condition and fading typeface make it less than a perfect scan. Nevertheless, Honicker vs. Hendrie, even in this diminished state, remains historically relevant and a […]

The 64th anniversary of the Hirsoshima-Nagasaki bombing is August 6th. To commemorate the events, a torch will be lit from the Hiroshima Flame on August 5, and carried on the World March for Peace and Non-violence on October 2, 2009 through 90 countries ending at the United Nations in May 2010. The Nuclear Abolition Flame […]

One day at the library, I stumbled across the booklet Survival Under Atomic Attack (“The Official U.S. Government Booklet,” National Security Resources Board, Civil Defense Office,1950). There’s a 1951 film of the same title issued by the Civil Defense Office at Internet Archive. There are several fascinating things about the booklet. First, the section “Kill […]