Reich’s DOR


While researching Wilhelm Reich’s (non) involvement in the Atoms for Peace speech and program, I came across his colleague Dr. Elsworth Becker‘s 1968 description of Reich’s discovery of a black substance (or energy) during the first Oranur experiment in 1951. Reich named the substance called DOR, or deadly orgone radiation:

Besides near disaster and disease, this experiment brought about the discovery of a new type of energy (actually already matter since it was visible) which Reich called “deadly orgone” or “DOR.” This resulted from the effect of nuclear radiation on orgone energy. DOR is black, lusterless, toxic, carries a high charge, and is oxygen and water-hungry. It appears as black specks in the atmosphere, as though someone had sprinkled the air with black pepper. One can clearly see the sun through it, but photographs appear as though they were taken in shadow…

Reich’s DOR is a sidenote to accounts of a mysterious, recurring black substance, termed dust or “mold”  reported in the media and by citizen-journalists in the wake of the Fukushima-Diaachi nuclear disaster. To draw conclusions here would be scientifically irresponsible, but it is nonetheless interesting.

Photo courtesy of Science Insiders