USIA: Sharing the Atom & The Atom, Servant of Man


Scanned here are The Atom, the Servant of Man (1954; SuDoc IA1.2:At 7) and Sharing the Atom (1955; SuDoc IA 1.2: At 1/3), were published by the United States Information Agency (USIA), a partner in promoting the Eisenhower administration’s Atoms for Peace agenda. Both documents characterize the atom as a measure of progress for humankind in terms of applied uses of atomic energy to “the needs of agriculture, medicine, and other peaceful activities” (President Eisenhower, The Atom, p.3).

The Atom and Sharing outline the Atomic Energy Commission’s international radioisotope distribution program at Oak Ridge and the application process; Sharing the Atom’s timeline, which begins June 14, 1946 and extends to June 11, 1955, reports the evolution of the Atoms for Peace program, the Atomic Energy Commission’s research and development program and establishment of national labs, and training of foreign scientists and engineers in “atomic theories.”

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