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From the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, How It Was Done: Rural America (1960; SuDoc: Pr 34.759:17) is really a case study in shelter building in the community of Gratiot County, located central Michigan.  In interviewing civic leaders and citizens through what we today might term “focus groups,”  “22 discussion groups” were conducted with […]

Just  in, this sad news from the New York Times. The Tooth Fairy Project lives on with Joe Mangano continuing Dr. Jay Gould’s work on atmospheric fallout and strontium-90 uptake in baby teeth.

A declassified document formerly classified as Top Secret, security information, Restricted Data under the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, is a redacted draft (psychological operations) policy document titled  “Terms of Reference for Ad Hoc Panel L (Psychological Implications of Projected Thermonuclear Bomb Tests),” dated July 23, 1952.  The document explores three options in dealing with […]

Scanned here are The Atom, the Servant of Man (1954; SuDoc IA1.2:At 7) and Sharing the Atom (1955; SuDoc IA 1.2: At 1/3), were published by the United States Information Agency (USIA), a partner in promoting the Eisenhower administration’s Atoms for Peace agenda. Both documents characterize the atom as a measure of progress for humankind in […]