Just in Case Atom Bombs Fall (1951)


An exceedingly rare publication focused on atomic civil defense in Denver, Just in Case Atom Bombs Fall  (Civil Defense Office of Denver, Colorado, 1951), carries the Federal Civil Defense Administration’ s (FCDA) logo, and is similar to many atomic docs published by FCDA.

In addition to the colorful graphics, of note are the following:

  • Civil Defense Office of Denver’s Director George B. Berger’s comment: “the individual in America today must regard self-preservation as a duty not only to himself but to his nation.”
  • p. 7:  Radiation is not “the most horrible part of atomic bombing.”
  • p. 18: Map of Denver with Union Station/LoDo as ground zero.
  • p. 20:  Comparing a sunburn to a radiation burn.
  • p. 22 : “15 percent of the Japanese A-bomb deaths or injuries were caused by radioactivity, none was caused by the lingering kind” (this is something to factcheck in the Database of Atomic Survivors)
  • p. 25: Biological warfare discussion, interesting in light of two “toxic” facilities operating at the time in Denver: AEC’s Rocky Flats (manufactured plutonium pits for nuke weapons) and the Army Chemical Corps’ Rocky Mountain Arsenal (that manufactured a myriad of chem weapons, including sarin, VX, and mustard gas).