In Time Of Emergency: a Citizen’s Handbook on Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters (1971)


In Time Of Emergency: A Citizen’s Handbook on Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters (Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, H-14, 1971; SuDoc D 119.8/2:14 ) is available through Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive in .html. The doc appears to have been revised in various years (1968, 1977, 1984), but the version presented here at Atomic History is a bit rarer, published in 1971. I’m not certain of the substantive differences between the editions.

In Time Of Emergency is not only a guide to hazards that would occur during a nuclear attack, including radiation sickness and fallout, but is a “how to” manual to the technical aspects of radiation shielding materials and creating  emergency shelters on the quick. Also covered in depth is first aid and types of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms, and tornadoes,  and emergency response. Essentially, In Time of Emergency is a disaster survival manual.