Winning School Fallout Shelter Designs (1963)


Winning School Fallout Shelter Designs (Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense: GPO, May 1963,  SuDoc: D 13.8/3:9) is “an abstract of OCD Technical Report TR-19.”**  Winning School reports the 1963 awardees of the National School Fallout Shelter Design Competition, conducted by the American Institute of Architects and National Society for Professional Engineers for the Department of Defense.  The “objectives of the competition were to serve the national interest by encouraging the creation of shelter designs to “conserve materials, manpower and money; create fallout protection in the maximum area of the school; incorporate attractive features; and produce structures of  aesthetic appeal” (p.1). Award winners were announced November, 1962.

The grand prize winner was architect Ellery C. Green of Tucson for his “multipurpose room” shelter design, that included  “adjacent classrooms surrounding the shelter” where students and teachers could be moved when radioactivity “decays sufficiently.”


**Available at Internet Archive: National School Fallout Shelter Design Competition Awards, (Office of Civil Defense, Department of Defense, conducted by the American Institute of Architects. TR-19, February 1962, SuDoc: D13.12:19).

The National School Fallout Shelter Design Competition Awards publication was only available to “…architects, engineers, school administrators, and school board and civil defense officials. Each school received a copy from the State civil defense office” (Winning School Fallout Shelter Designs, p. 23).