Civil Defense Cannot Give Us Survival (1961)


A “practice” manual from the Office of Civil Defense, Home Protection Exercises: A Family Action Program (Department of Defense, 1961: SuDoc Pr 34.759:1), outlines emergency measures, including proper storage of food, water, and medicine, home fire fighting, CPR, and home nursing care.

Of interest in the manual are the following:

  • Discussion on the “Alert” and “Take Cover” warning signals (p.4-5): Alert signals are a “steady blast of 3-5 minutes duration,” which translated to information that an “attack is probable.”  The Take Cover signal, or a “wailing tone or a series of short blasts of 3 minutes duration,” meant an attack was “imminent.” The type of signal issued determined a specific  emergency response.
  • President John F. Kennedy’s prefatory quote: “Survival in disaster can be achieved by each of us only when we join hands together in a team effort for mutual protection.  Civil Defense cannot give us survival until we give civil defense our service in the interest of our families, children, and Government.”

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