Mortuary Services in Civil Defense (April, 1956)


Not an intentional post for the Halloween season and the radioactive zombie crowd, Mortuary Services in Civil Defense (Federal Civil Defense Administration, TM-11-12, Washington DC: April 1956) outlines the “grim business” of identifying and tagging individuals after an “enemy nuclear attack.” Also reported in Mortuary Services are religious considerations involved with burial and disposal of bodies, property management, and the role of specialized “mortuary teams,” that would collect, identify, and bury bodies in an “orderly manner so that specific graves may be easily located at a later date” (p. 15).

The “Civil Defense Index and Information Card -Mortuary” (p.7) and “Mortuary Services Flow Chart” (p. 10) are reminiscent of  sociologist Max Weber’s (bureaucratic) “jurisdictional competency” imprinted on the postnuclear world.

Read the doc: Mortuary Services.