The Farce of Fallout Shelters (1960)


An extremely rare document, The Farce of Fallout Shelters: A Scheme to Condition the American People to Accept the Inevitability of Nuclear War (Socialist Labor Party, 1960, 4 pgs.) is a rebuttal to Cold War shelter frenzy in New York State and generally in the U.S.

Farce takes on Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s public relations on the survivability of nuclear attack (“the worst of all catastrophes”), the Cold War’s ultimate roots  (an “economic war with the bureaucratic rulers of the Communist bloc”),  as well as dismantles assumptions regarding civil defense programs. Notice p. 2:

Propagandists for shelters picture the post-attack period as though nuclear war were something like a flood, hurricane, or earthquake, after which everyone pitches in to clean up debris…

But nuclear war would be worse than all floods and hurricanes and earthquakes that ever happened, all put together.

No government or public power could maintain authority in these conditions.

The Party’s essay is a rallying call to the American public and workers as “capitalism means war ” (p.3).

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[Acrobat settings of around 100-125% make the doc readable. It’s the best copy possible from microfilm, apologies to all].