The (Home) Fallout Shelter


For a while I’ve wanted to do one ginormous post on the fallout shelter. Fallout shelter docs, especially on the home fallout shelter, are ubiquitous on history and survivalist Web sites and in gov docs. What I find fascinating about shelter docs are not only the detailed construction plans and innovative design strategies; I find the notion that building a family fallout shelter that promised to preserve – at least for several weeks – American life a noteworthy journey into the areas of risk perception and communication.

The fallout shelter idea was heavily promoted and actively researched by the U.S. government, (see Behavioral Aspects of Fallout Shelter Stay and Psychological and Social Adjustment in a Simulated Shelter, below), leading to millions of American families constructing shelters, and stockpiling food and supplies just in case. Listed in this post are some of my fav places to find shelter docs.