Atomic Photographs from Life Magazine


Stumbled on this find today: photographs from Life available through google.

Here’s a few searches:

+ 1940s atomic source:life | Goat being sheared before atomic bomb test. As an aside, if anyone has any stats on the number of animals used by the AEC in testing, please email me ok? It’s for an upcoming research project.

+ 1950s atomic source:life | St. Louis Atomic Ball?

+ 1960s atomic source:life | Check out the photo of the Garden Show & “atomic energized seeds.”

Notice in the 1970s language shifts from atomic to nuclear and photos are on the decline.

I played around with terms such as 1950s nevada test source:life. One of the photographs that popped up is right out of Carnival of Souls.

BTW, there’s a fascinating article over at Ptak Science on Life Magazine‘s December 18, 1950 issue “advertising” Norbert Weiner’s “Life Belts” situated around U.S. major cities. Life Belts were envisioned by Weiner and his MIT buds as an emergency refugee highway system and encampment(s) for atomic survivors.