Hey…You Must Remember to Duck and Cover (1951)


Remarkably not on the Web, the rare Bert the Turtle Says Duck and Cover was created by Archer Productions and the Federal Civil Defense Agency (FCDA) to increase civil defense awareness among U.S. schoolchildren. The WorldCat record for the doc states the publication date is between 1951-1955, but my guess it’s closer to the 1951 date to accompany the film of the same title.

Bert the Turtle isn’t a great copy, but now atomic historians can now view this iconic, much cited document. On the same note, CONELRAD has a series of extremely interesting essays on the history of the Bert the Turtle film, which is described as representing

…the perfect synthesis of the competing themes of the 1950’s: Fear and prosperity. In the context of the Cold War’s epic struggle between communism and capitalism, it seems oddly appropriate that the American government turned to private industry to help sell survival to an anxious population…”


Head over to CONELRAD for more astonishing atomic history. Meanwhile, thanks to University of Omaha, Government Documents for interlibrary loaning a copy and to Denver Public Library for fulfilling the document request.