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An extremely rare document, The Farce of Fallout Shelters: A Scheme to Condition the American People to Accept the Inevitability of Nuclear War (Socialist Labor Party, 1960, 4 pgs.) is a rebuttal to Cold War shelter frenzy in New York State and generally in the U.S. Farce takes on Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s public relations on […]

For a while I’ve wanted to do one ginormous post on the fallout shelter. Fallout shelter docs, especially on the home fallout shelter, are ubiquitous on history and survivalist Web sites and in gov docs collections. What I find fascinating about shelter docs are not only the detailed construction plans and innovative design strategies; I […]

The Handbook for the U.S. Citizens Service Corps (Office of Civil Defense, November 3, 1942, 38p.; SuDoc Pr 32.4406:C 49/2) isn’t exactly an atomic doc. The Handbook was issued by the Office of Civil Defense during WWII as a guide to volunteerism (p.4-7, 36), which includes assisting “in reference service at war information centers” (p.29). […]

The Federal Civil Defense Agency’s (FCDA) Facts about Fallout (Washington: GPO, 1955; SuDOC: FCD 1.2:F 19) is on the Web in a black and white scan at DOE. The actual doc, however, is in color, more vibrant, and compelling than the washed out reproduction. So here’s a fairly decent a scan of the real thing in all […]

One of the reasons I’m fascinated by U.S. atomic-era civil defense docs is for their creative illustrations.  The Welfare Task in Civil Defense (Washington: GPO, 1953; SuDoc FCD 1.2:W 45) is one of many docs I’ve run across that is breathtaking. One can’t help but wonder the background of the artist who captured “CD Emergency […]

Stumbled on this find today: photographs from Life available through google. Here’s a few searches: + 1940s atomic source:life | Goat being sheared before atomic bomb test. As an aside, if anyone has any stats on the number of animals used by the AEC in testing, please email me ok? It’s for an upcoming research […]

The Problem of Panic (Federal Civil Defense Administration Technical Bulletin, No. TB-19-2; Washington, D. C., June, 1955: SuDoc FCD 1.3:19-2) is a “statement prepared at the request of the Federal Civil Defense Administration by a subcommittee of the Committee on Disaster Studies, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences…” The publication is a survey of […]