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Just in from Homeland Security Newswire (HSN): the chance of nuclear war is greater than we think. This discussion is based on Stanford engineering professor Dr. Martin E. Hellman’s 2008 research using risk assessment as applied to the probability of nuclear war. Hellman’s 2008 paper “Risk Analysis of Nuclear Deterrence” is found here. Take a […]

Lost in the archives, I stumbled on the “EXERCISE EDITION” of the daily Federal Register, previously stamped SECRET and termed EXERCISE EDITION. The doc, declassified in 1994 and dated July 13, 1957, directs the Eisenhower Office of Emergency Resources to oversee protection of natural resources and use of “civilian manpower,” broadcasting, civil defense mobilization, the […]

For the first time online (as far as I can tell), The Cleveland Story: A City Responds outlines Operation Alert, the Federal Civil Defense Administration’s (FCDA) civil defense program, which involved civilian preparedness drills in U.S. cities in 1955. The Cleveland Story reports FCDA findings after the “Red Alert that signaled the dropping of the […]