The Clergy in Civil Defense (1951) & The Church in Civil Defense (1956)


The Clergy in Civil Defense full text online at the Internet Archive (Federal Civil Defense Administration: GPO, 1951) and its companion publication, The Church in Civil Defense (Federal Civil Defense Administration: GPO, 1956; SuDoc: FCD 1.6/2:25-1/956), are stunning Cold War period pieces that describe the role of the clergy and church in civil defense planning in a potential post-nuclear event.

Among the services clergy might provide in a nuclear attack are assistance and leadership in organizing morgues, mass burials, first aid, and ministering to the wounded and grieving. I find the docs chilling on a number of levels, but suggest a look yourself.


Being interested in administrative history, I wonder if  “FEMA’s Clergy Response Teams” have their roots in the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA)? I leave this question for researchers to unravel.