Operation Cue


Operation Cue was the predecessor for Operation Doorstep. The first shot was in April 1952 and the second series in 1953, called Doorstep. Notice the publication date of both the Cue doc and video footage Operation Cue 1955 footage at Internet Archive is 1955.

This hybrid document linked below is fairly technical in that it reflects the scientific uncertainty over test results, devastating effects of radiation, and questions for further research (p.1-19); the Operation Cue document also outlines the structure of the civil defense program, ongoing sponsored programs, including the bomb’s effects on types of residences in terms of materials engineering. But there are troubling assumptions in the doc, for example, (p.20-21):

…radiation fallout on the public from Nevada Test Site is minor in comparison with exposures civil defense discusses with relation to target areas or with relation to super weapons The test organization’s guide for offsite exposure of inhabited areas is 3.9 roentgens per year, approximately one-fourth of the exposure guide for atomic workers.

The full extent of atomic testing on downwinders remains uncertain, especially among the Native American population who reside near NTS and have an intimate relationship with the land, plants, and wildlife.

If you’re wondering, the costs of the civil defense program in fiscal year 1954, were $46,525,000.00 (p.77).

The doc is an OK scanned copy – not great – and can be downloaded here.