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The Radiation and Public Health Project is conducting research to estimate cancer risk from exposure to atomic bomb test fallout measuring radioactive Strontium-90 (SR-90) in baby teeth. The study is based on 85,000 baby teeth discovered by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. The teeth were collected for the original Tooth Fairy study (1958-1970) […]

Operation Cue


Operation Cue was the predecessor for Operation Doorstep. The first shot was in April 1952 and the second series in 1953, called Doorstep. Notice the publication date of both the Cue doc and video footage Operation Cue 1955 footage at Internet Archive is 1955. This hybrid document linked below is fairly technical in that it […]

I ran across this interesting fun image at Scroogle today: If you’re wondering the context of the image, it’s based on a 1950s-60s era civil defense doc where the “nuclear family” is hunkered down in their bomb shelter gathered around the TV (I’m trying to track this doc down). Very clever mashup, Scroogle people! (BTW, […]