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Perhaps drawing on the nursing shortage during World War II, the Federal Civil Defense Administration’s (FCDA) Civil Defense: Nursing Needs, is a nursing recruitment booklet to deal with “the large number of people who may be affected due to modern warfare” (p. 16). One wonders if the illustrators of the booklet were influenced by Cherry […]

Back issues of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are  available at google books from December 24, 1945 through through November 1998. The Bulletin, founded by Manhattan Project scientists Eugene Rabinowitch and Hyman Goldsmith, is critical to understanding scientific information sharing deeply influenced by by a culture of compartmentalization and secrecy. BAS provides a valuable […]

One day at the library, I stumbled across the booklet Survival Under Atomic Attack (“The Official U.S. Government Booklet,” National Security Resources Board, Civil Defense Office,1950). There’s a 1951 film of the same title issued by the Civil Defense Office at Internet Archive. There are several fascinating things about the booklet. First, the section “Kill […]